Vertex T Drive

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The T Drive is a sonic recreation of the legendary Trainwreck™ Express amplifier.

Rooted in the tradition of British amps from the 60's & 70’s, Trainwrecks™ are famous for their fast pick response and exceptional dynamics that range from chimey "Vox" style cleans, to a soaring "Plexi" overdrive.

To most accurately recreate the harmonic complexity of the Trainwreck™ amps in a stompbox, we took painstaking measuresto find a "real deal" Trainwreck™ Express to compare for sonic accuracy.

Additionally, longtime Trainwreck™ owners were consulted for guidance, providing us with recordings and feedback on A/B comparisons between their Trainwreck™ amplifiers and our T Drive Prototype. Our quest to create the the most accurate "Wreck-in-a-box" has resulted in the T Drive: a pedal with dynamics, harmonic complexity, and "voice-like" overtones reminiscent of the amp it was inspired by.


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